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LMHRHour CHAT LOG December 6, 2020 Demons, Fiends, and Hellhounds

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LMHRHour CHAT LOG December 6, 2020 Demons, Fiends, and Hellhounds

Unread post by nagasiva » Sun Nov 29, 2020 4:06 pm


Demons, Fiends, and Hellhounds with Stuart Palm

You can listen here:
https://www.blogtalkradio.com/luckymojo ... palm-12620

Or here:

The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour will be on the air!! At 3pm PT, 6pm ET, catherine yronwode, ConjureMan Ali, and special guest Stuart Palm will provide 90 minutes of free readings, free spells, and conjure consultation, giving listeners an education in African-American folk magic.

We begin this show with a Discussion Panel focussed on the topic of Demons, Fiends, and Hellhounds.

2020-12-06 14:50 docmurphy1 Heeeyyy!
2020-12-06 14:53 catherine-yronwode Hello!
2020-12-06 14:53 evanlionhart Hello good evening everyone!
2020-12-06 14:53 docmurphy1 How is everyone!
2020-12-06 14:53 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Welcome to the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour!
2020-12-06 14:53 docmurphy1 Hi Evan!!
2020-12-06 14:54 evanlionhart @docmurphy1 Hey, hey! How's the weather treatin' ya?
2020-12-06 14:54 docmurphy1 Ha! The weather is... meh. Not too cold, but still no snow yet. Kinda wrong for MN.
2020-12-06 14:55 docmurphy1 How about you?
2020-12-06 14:55 catherine-yronwode New this week: Sponsorship of (and by) Hoodoo Psychics!
2020-12-06 14:55 tony-eye Hello everyone.
2020-12-06 14:55 docmurphy1 Ooh!
2020-12-06 14:55 docmurphy1 @tony-eye How've ya been?
2020-12-06 14:55 catherine-yronwode Hello, Tony!
2020-12-06 14:57 covetgift2 hi all
2020-12-06 14:57 tony-eye Not so well, it might be the weather, but I got out of bed to listen in tonight.
2020-12-06 14:57 tony-eye hello
2020-12-06 14:57 docmurphy1 @tony-eye Aw! Rest and be well soon...
2020-12-06 14:59 evanlionhart @docmurphy1 Unexpected 30 degree drop from last week so we are technically in winter though its way too early
2020-12-06 15:00 catherine-yronwode MUSIC!
2020-12-06 15:00 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The LONGEST-running hoodoo radio show in the UNIVERSE!
2020-12-06 15:00 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour We're so glad you could join us!
2020-12-06 15:00 docmurphy1 Lallala la la laaaaaah...
2020-12-06 15:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Right! Power outages
2020-12-06 15:02 docmurphy1 Bye bye 2020!!!
2020-12-06 15:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour No computer damage.
2020-12-06 15:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour We're just coasting.
2020-12-06 15:03 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.bookeo.com/miss-cat
2020-12-06 15:03 docmurphy1 @risenraven Heeeyyy!!!
2020-12-06 15:03 risenraven Hi!
2020-12-06 15:03 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://readersandrootworkers.org/index. ... e_Yronwode
2020-12-06 15:03 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Evan Lionhart -- http://readersandrootworkers.org/index. ... n_Lionhart
2020-12-06 15:04 docmurphy1 Hey! A techno wizard!
2020-12-06 15:04 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Refurbishment, reconstruction, new linkages!
2020-12-06 15:04 conjuremanali 1994!
2020-12-06 15:04 risenraven Yayyyyyyy fixin up the website!
2020-12-06 15:04 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour <--- nagasiva on the studio board.
2020-12-06 15:04 evanlionhart Yep I love a good revamp!
2020-12-06 15:04 conjuremanali revamp is a good word
2020-12-06 15:04 risenraven Hi nagasiva!
2020-12-06 15:04 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Crystal Silence League (CSL) (one of our sponsors!)
2020-12-06 15:04 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.crystalsilenceleague.org
2020-12-06 15:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Lucky W Amulet Archive, Blues Lyrics and Hoodoo
2020-12-06 15:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour https://www.luckymojo.com/luckyw.html
2020-12-06 15:05 docmurphy1 Cool!
2020-12-06 15:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour https://www.luckymojo.com/blues.html
2020-12-06 15:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Mystic Tea Room
2020-12-06 15:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.mystictearoom.com
2020-12-06 15:06 risenraven Yay Svan! I tried to help with broken links and stuff
2020-12-06 15:06 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Wiki sites!
2020-12-06 15:06 risenraven Evan
2020-12-06 15:06 covetgift2 tree tests!
2020-12-06 15:06 laurelwebber that's cool..just visited the Crystal Silence League site... been struggling to get rid of old prayers that no longer apply... but it is such a good service
2020-12-06 15:06 risenraven i used to be a webmaster, I understood you haha
2020-12-06 15:06 evanlionhart @laurelwebber we're literally working on that today
2020-12-06 15:06 evanlionhart there's TONS to go through
2020-12-06 15:06 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour That's been the problem! We have a system which is half-working (through email removal)(.
2020-12-06 15:07 docmurphy1 @laurelwebber Oh, I still get prayers from the CSL from 7 years ago for things long over... can't delete them...
2020-12-06 15:07 covetgift2 If you want to test I volunteer to do card sorts, etc.
2020-12-06 15:07 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Association of Independent Spiritual Churches (AISC) http://www.independentspiritualchurches.com
2020-12-06 15:07 risenraven Yeah I’d totally be happy to be a beta tester too
2020-12-06 15:07 docmurphy1 I missed what miss cat said about what I'd be interested in cuz I was typing... huh?
2020-12-06 15:07 risenraven We love you Miss Cat, Siva, Evan
2020-12-06 15:08 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour AIRR (another of our sponsors!) The Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers http://www.readersandrootworkers.org
2020-12-06 15:08 evanlionhart @risenraven sure thing! Message me on FB I'll give you his contact info
2020-12-06 15:08 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Tens of Thousands of web pages.
2020-12-06 15:08 risenraven Murph she said you’d know what she meant by html lo,
2020-12-06 15:08 risenraven Lol
2020-12-06 15:08 evanlionhart He does the heavy bulk coding I just do the pretty stuff lol
2020-12-06 15:08 risenraven Ok Evan!
2020-12-06 15:08 docmurphy1 O.S:?
2020-12-06 15:09 docmurphy1 O.S:
2020-12-06 15:09 evanlionhart dompatmore.com/
2020-12-06 15:09 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The Co-Host of this show is the ConjureMan! He's also in the chat!
2020-12-06 15:09 docmurphy1 @cousinjoshua Hi!!!
2020-12-06 15:09 evanlionhart I'm iOS but I'm sure he dual wields lol
2020-12-06 15:09 risenraven Hi Conjure,an! We love you too!
2020-12-06 15:10 risenraven darn it, my keyboard lol
2020-12-06 15:10 docmurphy1 No no that was't an OS question -- that was an emoji accidentally posted as code LOL...
2020-12-06 15:10 evanlionhart LOL I love it!
2020-12-06 15:10 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL docmurphy.
2020-12-06 15:10 risenraven 😂
2020-12-06 15:10 catherine-yronwode Lots of news about upcoming social media and web site changes for 2021!
2020-12-06 15:11 docmurphy1 I don't know my ass from a hole in the ground around computers... I have a best friend I call in CO who's a techno goddes when i have issues hahaha
2020-12-06 15:11 covetgift2 I have been the help desk for people A LOT recently
2020-12-06 15:11 docmurphy1 HE DID?????
2020-12-06 15:11 docmurphy1 Whaaahaahaa!
2020-12-06 15:11 evanlionhart https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/06/politics ... index.html
2020-12-06 15:11 catherine-yronwode Rudy Guliani has Covid!
2020-12-06 15:11 laurelwebber cat that's so true! 2020 is so aweful its become a joke!
2020-12-06 15:12 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Dean Mullaney
2020-12-06 15:12 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Eclipse Enterprises
2020-12-06 15:12 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Rotten to the Core
2020-12-06 15:12 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Rudy Juliani
2020-12-06 15:12 covetgift2 I remember seeing them
2020-12-06 15:12 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 1989, 1990, 1991
2020-12-06 15:12 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Our Special Guest today (from Hong Kong) is Stuart Palm!
2020-12-06 15:12 evanlionhart Reminds me of the Illuminati card game
2020-12-06 15:12 covetgift2 at Comic Con
2020-12-06 15:12 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.stuartpalm.com
2020-12-06 15:13 covetgift2 I have that game (both old and new editions!)
2020-12-06 15:13 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Of Third Sight Studio!
2020-12-06 15:13 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 13 Hours in the FUTURE!
2020-12-06 15:13 evanlionhart @covetgift2 It's one of my absolute favs!
2020-12-06 15:13 evanlionhart Time traveler!
2020-12-06 15:13 conjuremanali calling in from the future
2020-12-06 15:13 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Yes!
2020-12-06 15:13 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOLOLOL
2020-12-06 15:13 evanlionhart http://stuartpalm2.squarespace.com/about
2020-12-06 15:13 cousinjoshua LOL!!!
2020-12-06 15:13 docmurphy1 Wow! Morning Stuart!
2020-12-06 15:14 docmurphy1 Does Hong Kong get snow?
2020-12-06 15:14 catherine-yronwode 7:14 AM next day in Hong Kong, says STuart.
2020-12-06 15:14 conjuremanali you mean they were sane when it came to mask wearing?
2020-12-06 15:14 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Admirable, yes!
2020-12-06 15:14 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 4th Wave
2020-12-06 15:15 catherine-yronwode People in Hong Kong wear masks. 10 cases a day! Two people per restaurant sitting.
2020-12-06 15:15 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour COVID19 show(s):
2020-12-06 15:15 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour lmhrhour-chat-log-june-16-2019-summer-s ... 92539.html
2020-12-06 15:15 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour lmhrhour-chat-log-march-22-2020-astrolo ... 93250.html
2020-12-06 15:15 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour lmhrhour-chat-log-april-19-2020-hoodoo- ... 93315.html
2020-12-06 15:15 cousinjoshua Governance through logic and rationality!!! WOW!
2020-12-06 15:15 evanlionhart @conjuremanali lol
2020-12-06 15:15 conjuremanali imagine that, cousinjoshua
2020-12-06 15:15 conjuremanali must be nice
2020-12-06 15:15 evanlionhart Hoping we make it through wave 2! Can't even imagine a 4th wave.
2020-12-06 15:16 catherine-yronwode Stuart has had NO corporate events in a year, does readings and hypotism.
2020-12-06 15:16 evanlionhart http://stuartpalm2.squarespace.com/psyc ... -hong-kong
2020-12-06 15:17 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Ralphs
2020-12-06 15:17 covetgift2 Ralphs is drawing the anti mask weirdos near me.
2020-12-06 15:17 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Southern California
2020-12-06 15:18 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Curbside pick-up, distance-shopping
2020-12-06 15:18 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour You do?!!
2020-12-06 15:18 risenraven Is Lucky Mojo still closed to the public? It’s an essential retailer though isn’t it?
2020-12-06 15:18 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Oh yes, there is some value to picking up vegetables and fruit.
2020-12-06 15:18 docmurphy1 I like grocery shopping...
2020-12-06 15:18 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Canned goods
2020-12-06 15:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Pre-packaged goods.
2020-12-06 15:19 docmurphy1 Fresh produce... and fun thingles you don't notice unless you're in the store...
2020-12-06 15:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Milk? We haven't had fresh milk in months. We have EVAPORATED
2020-12-06 15:19 covetgift2 They will miss impulse buys
2020-12-06 15:19 risenraven Thingles 😆
2020-12-06 15:19 docmurphy1 That won't work in winter in MN lol
2020-12-06 15:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Today's Discussion Panel Topic is Demons, Fiends, and Hellhounds
2020-12-06 15:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Freakonomics
2020-12-06 15:19 covetgift2 So I can see them being resistant.
2020-12-06 15:19 docmurphy1 All frozen veggies haha
2020-12-06 15:19 evanlionhart https://freakonomics.com/archive/
2020-12-06 15:20 docmurphy1 If shopping is social fun for people, it may...
2020-12-06 15:20 dr-sweets you want to check expiration dates...in person...fyi
2020-12-06 15:20 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Freakonomics Radio: http://www.freakonomics.com
2020-12-06 15:20 covetgift2 Yeah, up the third place destination appeal...
2020-12-06 15:20 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour https://freakonomics.com/about/
2020-12-06 15:20 evanlionhart @docmurphy1 I think it's the only form of social interaction for a lot of people these days
2020-12-06 15:20 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour https://freakonomics.com/about/
2020-12-06 15:21 risenraven When my mom had cancer, for months the only people I saw were my pharmacy staff
2020-12-06 15:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Not me! I love that they'll deliver it to our DOOR!
2020-12-06 15:21 docmurphy1 @evanlionhart True -- I've become great friends with some of the asscoiates at the drugstores...
2020-12-06 15:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Restaurants were helpful to keep me from cooking.
2020-12-06 15:21 risenraven yes restaurants
2020-12-06 15:21 docmurphy1 AMEN@!!
2020-12-06 15:21 catherine-yronwode I miss restaurants!
2020-12-06 15:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I *think* we still have them.
2020-12-06 15:21 docmurphy1 Restaurants are social!!
2020-12-06 15:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I haven't been out to check.
2020-12-06 15:21 docmurphy1 Not juts food!
2020-12-06 15:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Hm, i suppose i could surf the internet and see.
2020-12-06 15:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Today's Discussion Panel Topic is Demons, Fiends, and Hellhounds
2020-12-06 15:22 docmurphy1 Ours are closed for another couple weeks in MN.
2020-12-06 15:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour FIENDS
2020-12-06 15:22 risenraven i want to go to a tea room lol
2020-12-06 15:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Hellhounds
2020-12-06 15:22 dr-sweets we go out but we sit in out cars outside the restaurants
2020-12-06 15:22 docmurphy1 WOOHOO!!!
2020-12-06 15:22 docmurphy1 3:)
2020-12-06 15:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Not every culture believes in demons, devils, imps, et al.
2020-12-06 15:22 evanlionhart Maybe it'll give rise to a wave of drive-thru restaraunts
2020-12-06 15:23 conjuremanali in very typical me fashion i initially thought this was a topic about summoning hellhouds
2020-12-06 15:23 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Nature spirits, woods spirits
2020-12-06 15:23 conjuremanali lol
2020-12-06 15:23 conjuremanali hellhounds*
2020-12-06 15:23 evanlionhart http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/Category:Demons
2020-12-06 15:23 risenraven Maybe a renewal of drive-in restaurants!
2020-12-06 15:23 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Disembodied negativity of people, spirits coming from a dimension or other place that is not pleasant (hell, underworld, cemetery, etc.).
2020-12-06 15:23 cousinjoshua The very definition of "other," perhaps.
2020-12-06 15:23 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The origin of the term 'daemon' is actually neutral (spirits of an indeterminate quality).
2020-12-06 15:23 catherine-yronwode Oh, an Hell Hounds!
2020-12-06 15:24 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Ganesh, Lao Tzu, Thor
2020-12-06 15:24 evanlionhart http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/Djinn
2020-12-06 15:24 docmurphy1 Jai Ganaesh!
2020-12-06 15:24 catherine-yronwode On my trail! <-- Robert "Poor Bob" Johnson
2020-12-06 15:24 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Hermetic; energy
2020-12-06 15:24 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Positive and negative side.
2020-12-06 15:24 evanlionhart http://www.readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/Ganesha
2020-12-06 15:24 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 'negative' / demonic
2020-12-06 15:25 evanlionhart http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/C ... st_Deities
2020-12-06 15:25 docmurphy1 @onyx_rose Hey!
2020-12-06 15:25 catherine-yronwode Stuart" energy has both positive and negative sides, and demons et al are a way to identify the negative.
2020-12-06 15:25 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Satan, Lucifer
2020-12-06 15:25 risenraven Hi onyx rose!
2020-12-06 15:26 catherine-yronwode Stayrt has been "hanging out with Stanists lately." -- and is working on a project with the Church of Satan.
2020-12-06 15:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Church of Satan -- https://www.churchofsatan.com/
2020-12-06 15:26 evanlionhart https://www.luckymojo.com/thegospelofsatan.html
2020-12-06 15:26 docmurphy1 We have gorgons and harpies and all sorts of vengeful entities...
2020-12-06 15:26 catherine-yronwode Illustrating a deck of oracle cards featuring demons and devils. Far out!
2020-12-06 15:26 docmurphy1 Cool!
2020-12-06 15:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.gospel-of-satan.com/
2020-12-06 15:27 docmurphy1 Feed your demons. Feed them donuts.
2020-12-06 15:27 risenraven Our old pal Troll Towelhead
2020-12-06 15:27 catherine-yronwode Stuart: Knowing their names is to your advantage.
2020-12-06 15:27 covetgift2 So you get chonked out demons? lol
2020-12-06 15:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Vengeful, transgressive
2020-12-06 15:28 evanlionhart https://www.luckymojo.com/devil.html
2020-12-06 15:28 risenraven Murphy you just reminded me of Homer Simpson’s punishment in hell 😂
2020-12-06 15:28 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour In hoodoo, a conflation between African negative energy or harsh energy beings and the Christian Satan (not the same as the Jewish Satan), the Devil.
2020-12-06 15:28 docmurphy1 @risenraven Remind me...?
2020-12-06 15:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The Devil as an Anglo-Saxon Devil introjected into the African Devil.
2020-12-06 15:29 catherine-yronwode Anglo-Saxon woods demon.
2020-12-06 15:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Woods Demon (Der Teuffyl)
2020-12-06 15:29 risenraven He goes to hell and his punishment is being force fed endless donuts but the problem is he doesn’t think it’s a punishment lol
2020-12-06 15:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Black Man at the Crossroads
2020-12-06 15:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Not the same as the subversion ideologies of Christians.
2020-12-06 15:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Devils to drive out or harry others, yes.
2020-12-06 15:29 docmurphy1 @risenraven Ha! That's right! ahahaha!
2020-12-06 15:29 evanlionhart https://www.luckymojo.com/crossroads.html
2020-12-06 15:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Pay me! Send devils after them!
2020-12-06 15:30 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Drive them out or to harry people until they comply.
2020-12-06 15:30 risenraven I’m still fascinated by the Crossroads Spirit.
2020-12-06 15:30 catherine-yronwode Red Devil (old brand of Lye) and Run, Devil, Run.
2020-12-06 15:30 evanlionhart Find different Devil Figural candles and their uses here: https://www.luckymojo.com/products-candle-devil.html
2020-12-06 15:30 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Hellhounds evoked against people.
2020-12-06 15:30 docmurphy1 Much of devil lore/imagery comes from old Pagan gods and spirits...
2020-12-06 15:31 evanlionhart https://www.luckymojo.com/rundevilrun.html
2020-12-06 15:31 catherine-yronwode Hell Hound old spells used against people -- for justice and vengeance. A dog's grave, a murder victim's grave or body to set the Hell Hounds loose.
2020-12-06 15:32 cousinjoshua A lot of hellhound work I've run across deals with getting one from "the other side" for use in hunting down a target. I know some practitioners find them helpful when they don't have personal concerns of the target.
2020-12-06 15:32 evanlionhart Robert Johnson- Hellhound on my Trail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHAIgpih86E
2020-12-06 15:32 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Tangle in your hair, cut you'll set a demon loose in the room.
2020-12-06 15:32 conjuremanali I work with hellhounds quite a bit. They are useful
2020-12-06 15:33 risenraven Demon of tangled hair? I think I know that demon 😅
2020-12-06 15:33 evanlionhart http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/Djinn
2020-12-06 15:33 docmurphy1 Oh, lord, there must be demons all over my house... my hair Tangles!
2020-12-06 15:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Djinns, good and bad; neutral overall. Mediterranean concept of the daemon.
2020-12-06 15:33 docmurphy1 Must be where the notion of witches keeping storms in their hair might overlap?...
2020-12-06 15:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Summon, alliances, exorcized to drive away, some exist in the home as helpful.
2020-12-06 15:34 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 56 minutes remain.
2020-12-06 15:34 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Water, dates, milk, and honey
2020-12-06 15:34 catherine-yronwode Food offerings for the good djinns to keep away the bad djinns, water, dates, milk, and honey
2020-12-06 15:34 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour :D
2020-12-06 15:34 docmurphy1 Whizz that up into a smoothie..
2020-12-06 15:34 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Red Devil Lye
2020-12-06 15:35 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Can of lye, used for soap making, drain-unplugging
2020-12-06 15:35 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Use to decay and destroy stumps of trees.
2020-12-06 15:35 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Red Devil Lye the most popular brand.
2020-12-06 15:35 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 4 cans buried at the four corners of the house, with the devil facing outwards.
2020-12-06 15:35 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Barrier of protection.
2020-12-06 15:35 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Plastic can! Ack!
2020-12-06 15:35 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Plastic lasts longer, i think.
2020-12-06 15:36 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Burying plastic, ack.
2020-12-06 15:36 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL Draw your own red devil.
2020-12-06 15:36 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Find them in antique stores!
2020-12-06 15:36 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Ebay!
2020-12-06 15:36 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Red Devil compulsion to love.
2020-12-06 15:37 catherine-yronwode Red devil figural candle -- very old -- i have catalogues advertising it going back many decades. Before the Larinx Intranquil.
2020-12-06 15:37 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Faux Catholicism
2020-12-06 15:38 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The Intranquil Spirit is one of those; Mexican and Latin American culture
2020-12-06 15:38 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Hoodoo's always been flexible.
2020-12-06 15:38 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Look at Lucky Buddha! Ganesh is popular in hoodoo too i think.
2020-12-06 15:38 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The old devil owes quite a lot to the european devil. Catholic Purgatory, not hell.
2020-12-06 15:38 cousinjoshua I love this type of "hoodoo epistemology" type of discussions y'all give us. Tracking the origins, evolution, and context of these traditions and how they bump up and inform one another.
2020-12-06 15:39 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 51 minutes remain in our show today. We have about 19 minutes before our client segment, in which we will welcome Clarissa, calling from Massachusetts, area code 678.
2020-12-06 15:39 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Protective scariness.
2020-12-06 15:39 catherine-yronwode Asian devils employed to scare away worse demonic forces!
2020-12-06 15:39 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Mahakala the fierce!!
2020-12-06 15:39 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Kali the Great Demon Queen.
2020-12-06 15:40 evanlionhart http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/Kali
2020-12-06 15:40 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Mother Goddess and Protector
2020-12-06 15:40 covetgift2 Some african 'born to die' names use that logic, name your kid something scary to protect them.
2020-12-06 15:40 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I have a great Tantric Dakini Oracle card above my door to my workroom with a points-down horseshoe that features Mahakala.
2020-12-06 15:40 docmurphy1 My friend practices Shinto -- he deliberately feeds the kami of hunger and poverty and illness... becuase if you keep them drunk and full they won't bother you...!
2020-12-06 15:41 catherine-yronwode Mahakala amulets to rub on a child's booboos!
2020-12-06 15:41 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Mother rubs child's injury with the smooth side to cury the injury.
2020-12-06 15:41 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour So do i, Stuart.
2020-12-06 15:41 catherine-yronwode Mellos charms
2020-12-06 15:41 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Mellos Charms, yes.
2020-12-06 15:41 catherine-yronwode https://www.luckymojo.com/mellostalisman.html
2020-12-06 15:41 evanlionhart https://www.luckymojo.com/mellostalisman.html
2020-12-06 15:42 evanlionhart This one?
2020-12-06 15:42 evanlionhart oops lol
2020-12-06 15:42 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 48 minutes remain.
2020-12-06 15:42 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Kala / Kali // Time
2020-12-06 15:42 catherine-yronwode Yep! LOL!
2020-12-06 15:42 evanlionhart More Kali supplies here! -> https://www.luckymojo.com/kalidurga.html
2020-12-06 15:42 evanlionhart Pazuzu!
2020-12-06 15:43 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Thanks evan, yes i just found it too just after she did.
2020-12-06 15:43 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Pazuzu, Tiamat
2020-12-06 15:43 catherine-yronwode Maha Kala (or Mahakala) -- the cosmic figure of Great Time visualized as a monstrous man.
2020-12-06 15:43 evanlionhart Miss cat is quick tonight!
2020-12-06 15:43 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Working with "the Devil" is in some contexts is the means of coordinating with the Lord of Time or the Lord of This World or a special aggressive protector.
2020-12-06 15:44 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 46 minutes remain.
2020-12-06 15:44 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour But what about FIENDS?!
2020-12-06 15:44 evanlionhart http://www.readersandrootworkers.org/wi ... pirit_Work
2020-12-06 15:44 evanlionhart Yes tell us about Fiends!
2020-12-06 15:44 cousinjoshua And this "class" of spirit is simply more chthonic and therefore more connected to more "expedient" processes. It's all part of a spiritual ecosystem. I think that's a healthy way to frame them.
2020-12-06 15:45 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Bat: european the devil; Asia: lucky bat!
2020-12-06 15:45 conjuremanali Indeed, cousinjoshua
2020-12-06 15:45 evanlionhart love bats
2020-12-06 15:45 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour British the BIRD flies into the house.
2020-12-06 15:45 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The bird is just an omen.
2020-12-06 15:46 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Uncontrolled wild energy.
2020-12-06 15:46 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Yes! We have a bat head above the main entrance to the house!
2020-12-06 15:46 evanlionhart https://www.luckymojo.com/batnut.html
2020-12-06 15:46 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour With an anti-COVID spell inserted into its jaws.
2020-12-06 15:46 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour House with 7 Gables
2020-12-06 15:47 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I mostly use the other door, not the main one.
2020-12-06 15:47 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 43 minutes remain.
2020-12-06 15:47 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Our client tonight will be Clarissa, calling from Massachusetts, area code 678.
2020-12-06 15:47 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Chinese gong, banging pots!
2020-12-06 15:47 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Ding ding ding ding ding ding
2020-12-06 15:47 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Bright colours
2020-12-06 15:47 evanlionhart Bells!
2020-12-06 15:47 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Keep away negative forces
2020-12-06 15:48 docmurphy1 Demons must have learned ot be really quiet, otherwise they's scare themselves all the time...
2020-12-06 15:48 catherine-yronwode in Asia, wearing bright colours keeps away negative energy.
2020-12-06 15:48 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL docmurphy.
2020-12-06 15:48 risenraven 😂
2020-12-06 15:48 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Black Arts, Devil's
2020-12-06 15:49 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Protection from Evil
2020-12-06 15:49 evanlionhart https://www.luckymojo.com/oil-black-arts.html
2020-12-06 15:49 catherine-yronwode Asia: the protective lion or dragon.
2020-12-06 15:49 evanlionhart Fu Dogs!
2020-12-06 15:49 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Fu Dog lions!
2020-12-06 15:49 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Depending on how BIG they are.
2020-12-06 15:49 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Some are VERY large.
2020-12-06 15:50 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour We have some before the entrance to the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church
2020-12-06 15:50 docmurphy1 The look like Shih Tzus hahaha
2020-12-06 15:50 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.missionaryindependent.org
2020-12-06 15:50 evanlionhart Typically one has one mouth open and the other mouth is closed: one to keep blessings one to scare away negativity
2020-12-06 15:50 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Yes, when they are small.
2020-12-06 15:50 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour But they can be very very large.
2020-12-06 15:50 evanlionhart You have them flank the doorways
2020-12-06 15:50 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour And they have children, balls/eggs, and mates.
2020-12-06 15:51 catherine-yronwode Lion dancers, athletic, jumping, lettuce above the door, they give our chocolate coins to the children.
2020-12-06 15:51 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 39 minutes remain, bout 7 minutes before our client segment.
2020-12-06 15:51 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Chinese New Years, Lunar
2020-12-06 15:51 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Joss House
2020-12-06 15:51 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour General Kung
2020-12-06 15:51 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Guan Kung, Guan Yu
2020-12-06 15:52 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Mendocino Joss House / Temple
2020-12-06 15:52 evanlionhart http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/Guan_Yu
2020-12-06 15:53 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Personally i have associated the negative devil/demon with illness or malady.
2020-12-06 15:53 docmurphy1 Hmm ... Evan Lion Dancer?
2020-12-06 15:53 docmurphy1 :)
2020-12-06 15:53 catherine-yronwode Evan -- I JUST WROTE THAT PAGE LAST NIGHT -- for Tech Team Tuesday!!!! And you found it! Wow.
2020-12-06 15:53 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL docmurphy.
2020-12-06 15:53 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Yes, catherine! I was thinking that too!
2020-12-06 15:53 evanlionhart https://www.luckymojo.com/candle-devil-green.html
2020-12-06 15:53 conjuremanali in Quimbanda, Exu takes on devilish imagery
2020-12-06 15:54 evanlionhart @catherine-yronwode I was shocked we had one and now I know why! lol
2020-12-06 15:54 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Guardians or gateways to a spiritual realm.
2020-12-06 15:54 catherine-yronwode Evan is psychic.
2020-12-06 15:54 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOLOLOL :D
2020-12-06 15:54 docmurphy1 Woohoo!!!
2020-12-06 15:54 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I have sometimes had visions of demons or devils during FEVER.
2020-12-06 15:55 evanlionhart https://www.luckymojo.com/castoffevil.html
2020-12-06 15:55 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Jesus as the remover of unwanted spirits.
2020-12-06 15:55 evanlionhart http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/C ... sus_Christ
2020-12-06 15:55 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Wrathful entities, as compared to unclean spirits.
2020-12-06 15:55 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour shedim
2020-12-06 15:55 catherine-yronwode Unclean spirits different than wrathful spirits says ConjureMan -- so true!
2020-12-06 15:55 evanlionhart http://readersandrootworkers.org/wiki/Elijah
2020-12-06 15:55 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour These are the types which i am working with in my demonological practices.
2020-12-06 15:56 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour This time period is particularly suited to it (pandemic).
2020-12-06 15:56 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Kali is known as the Goddess of Disease, so there is overlap.
2020-12-06 15:56 catherine-yronwode Unclean demons bring disease. Jesus is a doctor in a sickroom.
2020-12-06 15:56 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Sometimes sickness can be a mixed curse/blessing.
2020-12-06 15:56 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour It causes us to slow down and reflect.
2020-12-06 15:57 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 33 minutes remain.
2020-12-06 15:57 catherine-yronwode Stuart mention fear.
2020-12-06 15:57 conjuremanali Many demons are good at getting you to fear
2020-12-06 15:57 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Fear as an opening for unclean spirits.
2020-12-06 15:57 evanlionhart More spells on cleansing, uncrossing and removal can be found here -> https://www.luckymojo.com/deliverance.html
2020-12-06 15:57 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Our client tonight will be Clarissa, calling from Massachusetts, area code 678.
2020-12-06 15:57 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Hopelessness, despair.
2020-12-06 15:58 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Bumper music is coming up!
2020-12-06 15:58 evanlionhart If that spirit has come to you and not entered your body, stomp your right foot and say "Get thee behind me Satan, I send you away in Jesus name!"-Says miss cat
2020-12-06 15:58 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Bumper music is ON! Stomp your food three times!
2020-12-06 15:58 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Get thee behind me Satan!
2020-12-06 15:58 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Get a doctor's care first!
2020-12-06 15:59 docmurphy1 Cool discussion!
2020-12-06 15:59 catherine-yronwode Use medicine in conjunction with magic when expelling demons of disease.
2020-12-06 15:59 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Lucky Mojo Curio Company: https://www.luckymojo.com
2020-12-06 15:59 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour AIRR (Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers): http://www.readersandrootworkers.org
2020-12-06 15:59 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Hoodoo Psychics ( http://www.hoodoopsychics.com 1-888-4-HOODOO )
2020-12-06 15:59 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour CSL (Crystal Silence League): http://www.crystalsilenceleague.org
2020-12-06 16:00 docmurphy1 Demon in his computer?
2020-12-06 16:00 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour CLARISSA:
2020-12-06 16:00 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour looking for advice on helping my sister receive justice for her restaurant. She and her husband went into partnership with family friends after building a solid name for themselves but needed financing. The friend had money and promised to put her onto the paperwork after a year. She has since found info. leading her to believe he has embezzled money and may be making plans to totally shut them out and close the restaurant. She wants to cut ties with the partner and take over full ownership.They worked SO HARD building their name and creating all of the fabulous food, he would have nothing if it weren't for their talent and creativity.
2020-12-06 16:00 conjuremanali power outages, tech problems, 2020 im telling ya'll
2020-12-06 16:01 docmurphy1 Aw, SNAP! That's terrible!!
2020-12-06 16:01 evanlionhart My sincerest apologies! I'm back
2020-12-06 16:01 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Her sister is a Libra.
2020-12-06 16:02 evanlionhart @conjuremanali you called it!
2020-12-06 16:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Easy to take advantage of.
2020-12-06 16:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Scorpio
2020-12-06 16:02 docmurphy1 OH OH!
2020-12-06 16:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Undercover natures, keeping secrets (OF COURSE I DON'T HATE YOU FOR THAT)
2020-12-06 16:02 evanlionhart Lol
2020-12-06 16:02 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour They make really good evil people. LOL :D
2020-12-06 16:03 evanlionhart hands down Nagasiva is the NICEST Scorpio I've known.
2020-12-06 16:03 docmurphy1 I've gotten the rotten scorps too often.... ugh awful when they are mean...
2020-12-06 16:03 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Libra is unbearably overmatched by Scorpio
2020-12-06 16:03 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour She's a Virgo with Scorpio Rising
2020-12-06 16:03 signeedc Good !
2020-12-06 16:03 signeedc virgos can be ruthless too!
2020-12-06 16:03 docmurphy1 Scorpio wars!
2020-12-06 16:04 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Miss Cat is using a 'Smith-Waite' or 'Rider-Waite' Tarot deck created by Pamela Colman Smith in coordination with Arthur E. Waite and published by the Rider Company.
2020-12-06 16:04 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour First card: 6 of Swords
2020-12-06 16:04 risenraven Gotta head to D&D, take care!
2020-12-06 16:04 evanlionhart Card 1: 6 of Swords
2020-12-06 16:04 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour D&D? Hm.
2020-12-06 16:04 docmurphy1 @risenraven Take care!
2020-12-06 16:04 evanlionhart @risenraven enjoy!
2020-12-06 16:04 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour It won't be so bad, because the swords will stay in the boat with the antagonist.
2020-12-06 16:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Be prepared to lose things to make a new start.
2020-12-06 16:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Background sound.
2020-12-06 16:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Miss Cat does not see that a legal case will be very helpful.
2020-12-06 16:05 evanlionhart Card 2: Wheel of Fortune
2020-12-06 16:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Second card: Wheel of Fortune
2020-12-06 16:05 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour This may represent a good change for her.
2020-12-06 16:06 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Muted client
2020-12-06 16:06 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Child / children in background
2020-12-06 16:07 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Moving on may be important and valuable.
2020-12-06 16:07 evanlionhart How much can you get VS Is it better to cut ties
2020-12-06 16:07 evanlionhart Card 3: 10 of Cups
2020-12-06 16:07 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Third card: 10 of Cups
2020-12-06 16:07 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour There can be the founding of new restaurant. She can move on from this.
2020-12-06 16:07 evanlionhart All my dreams, fulfilled
2020-12-06 16:07 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour All my dreams fulfilled. Things will turn out better.
2020-12-06 16:08 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I'll unmute the client at the end of this readings.
2020-12-06 16:08 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour reading.
2020-12-06 16:08 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour It might be better to start again.
2020-12-06 16:08 evanlionhart Maybe it's a chance to restructure>
2020-12-06 16:08 evanlionhart ?*
2020-12-06 16:08 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Unmuted.
2020-12-06 16:09 evanlionhart Stuart Palm is working solely with the Rider-Waite Major Arcana
2020-12-06 16:09 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Stuart Palm is also using a Smith-Waite deck, but just the Major Arcana, or Trumps.
2020-12-06 16:09 evanlionhart His first card: Justice
2020-12-06 16:10 evanlionhart Card two: The Lovers
2020-12-06 16:10 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Muted again.
2020-12-06 16:10 evanlionhart Card three: The Magician
2020-12-06 16:11 catherine-yronwode 6 of S move away. W.O.F. time for a change, 10 of C husband and wife as a team. Happy outcome.
2020-12-06 16:11 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Unmuted.
2020-12-06 16:11 evanlionhart Teamwork makes the dream work
2020-12-06 16:12 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I've locked today's sign-up thread and created next week's sign-up thread so you can sign up Now for next week.
2020-12-06 16:12 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour If you wish to be selected to be a client on NEXT week's show, you can sign up now at the Lucky Mojo Forum at: lmhrhour-free-readings-december-13-2020-t93928.html then call (818) 394-8535 and press 1 to raise your hand to be on the show.
2020-12-06 16:12 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Will unmute if asked a question.
2020-12-06 16:13 catherine-yronwode Rootwork to limit damage says Conjureman -- work with an ancestor of you and your sister, at the gravesite if possible.
2020-12-06 16:14 docmurphy1 Ooooooh yeaaaaahhh!
2020-12-06 16:14 catherine-yronwode Shake the gravestone (lightly) at every sentence, when you feel the rising of the spirit, leave three coins, gather graveyard dirt, and lay it where they will walk (or mail dusted paper to them).
2020-12-06 16:15 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 15 minutes remain.
2020-12-06 16:15 catherine-yronwode The work with hot and cold, photo, name 3 times, salt in hand, pray over salt to expose them, plut it into a put of water and boil it. Turn it off, repeat for three days, adding salt, and prayer.
2020-12-06 16:15 evanlionhart More information on Conjureman can be found here -> https://www.conjuremanconsulting.com/
2020-12-06 16:15 catherine-yronwode Fish the paper out, cover with alum, salt, and black pepper powder on aluminum foil and freeze it to bind them.
2020-12-06 16:16 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Earth, Fire, Ice
2020-12-06 16:16 dr-sweets my great grand mother uses to do that with salt...very old school...lol
2020-12-06 16:16 docmurphy1 Niiiiiiice...
2020-12-06 16:16 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Will make her live if she's interacted with.
2020-12-06 16:16 catherine-yronwode Earth water, fire, ice.
2020-12-06 16:16 cousinjoshua This is multi-level, powerhouse work, ConjureMan Ali. Wow.
2020-12-06 16:16 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Often used to find the name of a thief! Or to punish someone.
2020-12-06 16:16 conjuremanali thank you!
2020-12-06 16:17 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Find some farther back ancestor, scraping between stones, photo, burn to ash and work with the ash.
2020-12-06 16:17 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Quassia Bark
2020-12-06 16:17 evanlionhart Quassia
2020-12-06 16:18 laurelwebber Im gonna use that salt in boiling water ...
2020-12-06 16:18 evanlionhart Condense the name with Quassia bark!
2020-12-06 16:18 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Bumper music is coming up!
2020-12-06 16:18 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Bumper music is ON!
2020-12-06 16:18 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Next we'll have our Network Schedule Announcement, followed by the Free Spell!
2020-12-06 16:19 evanlionhart Learn more about Quassia bark spells here -> quassia-chips-questions-and-answers-t92072.html#1643
2020-12-06 16:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Stereo / Stereo!
2020-12-06 16:19 catherine-yronwode I made that up about stereo. I have no idea if it is in stereo or not! LOL!
2020-12-06 16:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour It's the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour in STEREO! / It's the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour in STEREO!
2020-12-06 16:19 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Next: Evan introduces Stuart Palm and his FREE SPELL!
2020-12-06 16:19 docmurphy1 It's in Doubly! I mean Dolby!
2020-12-06 16:20 catherine-yronwode LOL!
2020-12-06 16:20 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Practice: Recommendation of What to Do to Keep the Demons Away, Safe from Negative Influence
2020-12-06 16:20 catherine-yronwode More of a regular practice than a spell says Stuart.
2020-12-06 16:20 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour WHAT YOU NEED:
2020-12-06 16:20 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Salt
2020-12-06 16:20 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Red Pepper
2020-12-06 16:20 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Sage
2020-12-06 16:20 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Lei Ting Curse Coin
2020-12-06 16:20 catherine-yronwode prll = spell,"
2020-12-06 16:20 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour What to do when you move to a new space.
2020-12-06 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour First, Open all the windows and doors and turn on all the lights and “Flames” in your space. Next play a gong three times, or bang together loud pans repeatedly. Smudge the space with Sage (Or Palo Santo) using an Abalone Shell as the dish.
2020-12-06 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Yay!
2020-12-06 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Love gongs. I love to sound gongs to do Peace Vigils at the MISC.
2020-12-06 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Sage or Palo Santo
2020-12-06 16:21 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Cleansing incense
2020-12-06 16:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Abalone shell as a dish for the Sage
2020-12-06 16:22 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Now, Sprinkle Salt, (Kosher Salt or rock salt) on the openings to your space. At the corners of these openings place a red pepper. Place a silver dime on a prominent location and light three sticks on incense there. (A dime (or penny) and red pepper in your shoe is also recommended.)
2020-12-06 16:23 catherine-yronwode Salt across the doorway, red pepper at the corners, and red peper powder in your shoes.
2020-12-06 16:23 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour pepper
2020-12-06 16:23 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour If you are plagued by evil forces also hang outside your door and/or carry a Lei Ting Curse Charm. This charm calls on the gods of thunder to deal with demonic forces. It gives this task to a higher energy than yourself.
2020-12-06 16:24 conjuremanali The god, Leigong t
2020-12-06 16:24 evanlionhart Lei Shen
2020-12-06 16:24 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Compare the Ba Gua
2020-12-06 16:24 catherine-yronwode https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Cate ... rse_charms
2020-12-06 16:25 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Lovely, Stuart
2020-12-06 16:25 evanlionhart https://www.luckymojo.com/bagua.html
2020-12-06 16:25 docmurphy1 Nice!!!
2020-12-06 16:25 conjuremanali looking at same page
2020-12-06 16:25 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lei_Ting_curse_charm
2020-12-06 16:25 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour We love it!
2020-12-06 16:25 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I think i may have seen one in the Lucky Mojo shop at some point.
2020-12-06 16:25 evanlionhart Adding to wish list
2020-12-06 16:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 4 minutes remain.
2020-12-06 16:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Do them in 3s!!
2020-12-06 16:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 3 coins
2020-12-06 16:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Bang the gong 3 times!
2020-12-06 16:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour YIPPIE - Yronwode Institution
2020-12-06 16:26 docmurphy1 Yaaas!
2020-12-06 16:26 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour At the 2 minute and 55 second mark i'll start the show's End Music!
2020-12-06 16:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour End music coming up!
2020-12-06 16:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour End music is ON!
2020-12-06 16:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour LOL! :D
2020-12-06 16:27 conjuremanali great show! Thanks all!
2020-12-06 16:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Asian FUSION!
2020-12-06 16:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour http://www.readersandrootworkers.org
2020-12-06 16:27 evanlionhart Please do Stuart!
2020-12-06 16:27 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 3 PARAGRAPHS EACH OF COURSE!
2020-12-06 16:28 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 2 minutes remaining for Evan to announce the end credits!
2020-12-06 16:28 docmurphy1 Ha!! BATMEN!
2020-12-06 16:28 stuartpalm Thanks Everyone!
2020-12-06 16:28 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Great fun to have you, Stuart!
2020-12-06 16:28 docmurphy1 Great show! Thanks all!
2020-12-06 16:28 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Music ok in volume?
2020-12-06 16:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 60
2020-12-06 16:29 cousinjoshua One of my favorite parts of my week. Thanks, friends! (and thanks to LMCC for a super fast shipment last week!!!). :)
2020-12-06 16:29 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 30
2020-12-06 16:29 evanlionhart Thanks everyone!
2020-12-06 16:30 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour 10
2020-12-06 16:30 docmurphy1 YAY!!!! Goodnight all!!!
2020-12-06 16:30 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour BTRadio glitch near the end, didn't need me to enact it (LOUD ending).
2020-12-06 16:31 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour If you want more information on hoodoo, (aka conjure, rootwork, witchcraft), advice about your situation, and what you can do about it, check out the Lucky Mojo forum http://forum.luckymojo.com Register and post your questions there in the appropriate subforum!
2020-12-06 16:31 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Remember, if you want to listen to archived shows of the LM Hoodoo Rootwork Hour, you can find these via http://www.luckymojo.com/radioshow.html
2020-12-06 16:32 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour If you wish to be selected to be a client on NEXT week's show, you can sign up now at the Lucky Mojo Forum at: lmhrhour-free-readings-december-13-2020-t93928.html then call (818) 394-8535 and press 1 to raise your hand to be on the show.
2020-12-06 16:32 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour I'll be posting a link to the chat log in the aftermath of our promo posts in Facebook! It will become the first post in the sign-up thread!
2020-12-06 16:32 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour The chat log will be posted at the Lucky Mojo Forum and announced in Facebook after the promotional posts.
2020-12-06 16:32 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour They're always posted at the Lucky Mojo Forum as intact as we are able, for every show, right at the top of the sign-up thread.
2020-12-06 16:32 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour You can capture the chat yourself by clicking on the 'gear' icon at the bottom left next to the pushpin! Then click 'Export transcript' to get a file which includes the URLS! It's supposed to be HTML, really.
2020-12-06 16:32 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour OR you can consult our sign-up thread for the chat-log where it will appear with URLs all snug and friendly!
2020-12-06 16:33 catherine-yronwode Ready for Transcript Export?!
2020-12-06 16:33 luckymojohoodoorootworkhour Initiating!
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Re: LMHRHour CHAT LOG December 6, 2020 Demons, Fiends, and Hellhounds

Unread post by LIONESSC » Fri Dec 04, 2020 3:39 pm

1) Your name:
..... A) You name on the Lucky Mojo Forum:Lioness C
..... B) Your Blog Talk Radio caller name (if different): Lioness C
..... C) Clarissa

2) Your area code and state (don't post your full phone #, but we need your area code to recognize you and your state to announce you)
..... Area Code: 678
..... State/Nation:Im in MA

3) Your history with our radio show:
..... A) Have you ever been on the radio show before and received a reading and/or rootwork recommendations?
..... Yes/No:YES
..... B) If "Yes," are you calling back to report updates as we may have requested?
..... Yes/No:NO
..... C) About when did you have that radio reading?
..... When:1 YEAR
..... D) Have conditions changed since that reading?
..... Yes/No:yes

4) Your history with our readers
..... A) Have you ever had a private reading from ConjureMan Ali or Miss cat before, either about this issue or another situation?
..... Yes/No:YES
..... B) If "Yes," was it about this situation or another situation?
..... This situation/Another situation:Another Situation
..... C) About when did you have that private reading?
..... When?:about 3 YEARS AGO
..... D) Have conditions changed since that reading?
..... Yes/No:YES

5) Your history with other readers
..... A) Have you gone to other readers or rootworkers about this situation?
..... Yes/No:NO
..... B) If "Yes," who and when? (We don't need full details, just a general idea: at a metaphysical shop, psychic fair, phone line, from a friend, etc.)
..... Who and when:

6) Please give us a brief description of your situation or question (please be brief! LIMIT TO 4 SENTENCES)
..... Situation/Question: looking for advice on helping my sister receive justice for her restaurant. She and her husband went into partnership with family friends after building a solid name for themselves but needed financing. The friend had money and promissed to put her onto the paperwork after a year. She has since found info. leading her to believe he has embezzled money and may be making plans to totally shut them out and close the restaurant. She wants to cut ties with the partner and take over full ownership.They worked SO HArd building their name and creating all of the fabulous food, he would have nothing if it werent for their talent and creativity.

7) On what date will you be in the radio show queue?
..... Date:
Remember these times and dates when you call:

Radio Show is on Sunday at 3:00 PM Pacific Time, 6:00 PM Eastern Time

Call-in Number to be a guest or to listen via telephone: 818-394-8535

If you call, press "1" to alert the hosts that you wish to be placed in the queue and heard as a caller on the show.

We cannot guarantee that we will take your call, but we will take those callers who have signed up on the Forum before any others, and adding your information to this thread at the Lucky Mojo Forum will help us pre-screen and identify callers by area code and name.

If you just want to listen to the show and participate in the live chat log, the channel is here:

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Re: LMHRHour CHAT LOG December 6, 2020 Demons, Fiends, and Hellhounds

Unread post by nagasiva » Sun Dec 06, 2020 4:11 pm

We've taken our client for today's show, but you can sign up for NEXT week now at:

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