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Athena is LIVE!

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Athena is LIVE!

Unread post by nagasiva » Tue Nov 23, 2021 11:27 am

AIRR Tech Team Report 11/23/2021: Athena is LIVE!


The AIRR Tech Team gathered today to bring forth fully-formed a new page on Athena. She is the Greek goddess of wisdom, warfare, and handicrafts, and is known for having been born from the head of the god Zeus. Athena brought tactics, strategy and engineering to the military prowess of Athens and is often shown wearing a helmet and a protective amulet featuring a Gorgon's head, carrying a spear, and accompanied by an owl. Miss Michaele wrote the page and provided the graphic, Catherine Yronwode edited the text and added site-wide links, and Nagasiva Yronwode was a proofreader. Check out our martial page on bright-eyed, wise Athena!

The Athena page is here:


We shall now move to social media, to share the Athena page at the AIRR page on Facebook, here:

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