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Secrets of Card Reading!

Every Tuesday the AIRR Tech Team uploads a new page on Rootwork, Fortune-Telling, or Spirituality -- your free encyclopedia of folk magic!
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Secrets of Card Reading!

Unread post by nagasiva » Tue Sep 20, 2022 1:15 pm


The AIRR Tech Team shuffled together today to deal a set of five revised web pages on the Secrets of Card Reading, featuring Suits, Courts, Pips, Trumps, and Card Layouts. Catherine Yronwode, Nagasiva Yronwode, Briana Saussy, and Dr. E. wrote the pages, and we included illustrations by Pamela Colman Smith, Frieda Harris, and three unknown artists. If you are learning to read cards, this is vital information you will need -- and if you like to get your cards read by a psychic, these pages will teach you what your reader is looking for in the cards. Catherine Yronwode edited the text and provided site-wide linking; Reverend James wrote the announcement text; and Nagasiva Yronwode created the graphic announcement. Check out our informative pages on the Secrets of Card Reading!

The Five Secrets of Card Reading pages are here:


We shall now move to social media, to share The Secrets of Card Reading pages at the AIRR page on Facebook, here:


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Re: Secrets of Card Reading!

Unread post by catherineyronwode » Wed Sep 21, 2022 5:46 pm

This one is for all the would-be card readers, and for the good clients who wonder how we do it! These fve easy pages will teach you a lot.
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