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Spells for Visa Passport Green Card Immigration Deportation

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Re: Spells for Visa Passport Green Card Immigration Deportation

Unread post by Magicat » Mon Jan 09, 2023 3:40 pm


RE: Stop Gossip, Shut Up, or Tapa Boca has been traditionally used to silence opposing cancel. If you deviate from what has been done, I would do quick coin toss reading first. Heads "Shut up" tails "Cancel the appeal"

Would using both candles & a freezer jar simultaneously create a bound hot/cold situation as described earlier by JayDee (even though they're separated):
1. You mixed Hot products with cooing products, which is confusing, either you want to burn, sour, and silence or you want to freeze and shut up. Adding hot pepper to a freezer jar is freezing the person in a hot position with you, What you want to make is a vinegar jar with the opposing counsel, the judge, and any witnesses to cause them to fight and disagree. I like to use hot pepper, to fight, alum to silence, and poppy to confuse, add this to a vinegar jar, shake it as you curse them, and burn black candles on top.

I am doing both jar & candles but can switch one off. I did the beef tongue as described in the Court Mojo instructions but immediately began having persistent dreams of a "something" closing in on my location, perhaps someone in that person's family tuned in to the old ways & trying to reverse or counter my freezing jar. I switched to a lemon (all other ingredients the same) and the dreams diminished. What's the best protection method in this case? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Spells for Visa Passport Green Card Immigration Deportation

Unread post by JayDee » Mon Jan 09, 2023 4:59 pm


This is a method question, different folks, different stokes. I do not set a candle on a cooling jar, nor a freezer jar with Hotfooting. Now if the work is being done to freeze counsel, while also doing a candle to heat up other work such as heat up your situation, or to heat up the enemies to fight. There is no confusion in this work.

I am a bit confused on what you switched to, sounds like you changed the spell based on your immediate feedback (signs) which is good. If the goal is to freeze people out, put them in a freezer. If those same people you want to fight, then a separate goal and job is to cause them to fight, which is conducted by doing a separate jar.

If you need to hide your work, place Bay leaves in a 5 point pattern to cover the work. You can also use Law Keep Away to hide you from police or authorities while you do the work. Other protection I suggest is Fire of Wall of Protection, wearing this on the body and also a mojo to keep you safe.

Bay Leaves: https://www.herbmagic.com/bay-leaves.html
Law Keep Away: https://www.luckymojo.com/lawkeepaway.html
Fiery Wall of Protection: https://www.luckymojo.com/fierywall.html

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