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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Lucky Mojo Forum. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Lucky Mojo Forum Rules

    1. Violation of any of these rules can be expected to lead to the immediate suspension of your account and could lead to legal action being taken against you by appropriate authorities or aggrieved parties. Be aware that in exceptional circumstances the owners and operators of the Lucky Mojo Forum could be legally obliged to reveal your registration information and/or IP address to the authorities.

      Please keep your contributions civil, tasteful, and relevant. The following rule set should be considered applicable at all times:

      • Keep your posts relevant. Posts which are not relevant to the particular subforum or thread on which they are posted lower the value of the conversation and may be removed. You may receive a board warning each time you "hijack" or change the topic of a thread in such a way as to detract from the internal narrative coherence of the thread.
      • No defamatory comments. A defamatory comment is a slanderous comment that is capable of damaging the reputation of a person or organization. If slander does occur and you are successfully sued, you could be held liable for damages and costs.
      • Do not post messages which are illegal, harassing, or abusive. Posts which are threatening, injurious, obscene, irreverent, homophobic, or racially offensive are not permitted.
      • Do not post text or images for which you do not own the copyright. The posting of copyright protected materials by individuals other than their owner can lead to serious legal action.
      • Do not make multiple postings. Participants in this forum should keep the number of their contributions per discussion to a reasonable level. Multiple posts from one individual, or a small number of individuals, discourages others who might otherwise wish to take part. Reposting the same or similar text in multiple subforums may result in a board warning and, if repeated, in banning.
      • No swearing. Please do not use profanities, vulgar language, or other words which may be offensive. This is the lowest form of mutual communication and sharing.
      • Do not delete your own posts. If you go back and delete or blank the texts in your own posts, you will be banned. We could make doing so impossible, but we prefer to use the possibility of text deletion as a test of maturity and discernment. Anyone found blanking his or her own posts will be banned immediately.
      • No messages in all capital letters. Internet convention considers this shorthand for raising your voice. You can make your point perfectly well in upper and lower case; please, do not post with your caps lock on.
      • Post in English only. Posts which are primarily written in languages other than English may be removed. Common greetings and salutations in languages other than English are acceptable.
      • Do not post another's personal information. The publication of anyone else's personal contact information is not acceptable. This includes, but is not limited to: their name, physical address, place of employment, name of educational establishment, telephone/mobile number, and email address.
      • No impersonating. Impersonating corporations, companies, or individuals living or dead (including other members) is unacceptable and will result in immediate removal from this forum. Examples of impersonation include: cocacolabuyer, googledog, catherineyronwode2, myluckymojo, FBIAgent, LadyGaga, and HenryDavidThoreau. If you sign up with a username that is deemed to be an impersonation, it will be changed, and you will be sent a notification via email of the new username. This will not affect your password. You may then log in with the newly-assigned username and your regular password and you may change your username to something you prefer.
      • No inappropriate usernames. Vulgar, offensive, racially offensive, or inappropriate usernames will not be tolerated and such will be removed from the forum.
      • No advertising, promotion of products, offers for services, or spamming. This forum is an extension of the Lucky Mojo Curio Company and is not an appropriate venue for the advertising of other companies, web sites, businesses or services. Do not post commercial messages for your own business or that of another. All such spam will be deleted and you may receive board warnings and/or be banned from the forum.
      • Do not incite people to commit any crime. This shall include incitement to violence, fraud, and religious or racial hatred.
      • Avoid contempt of court. This means not posting anything that risks prejudicing ongoing or forthcoming court proceedings.
      • Avoid breaking a court injunction. Do not name an individual or speculate as to their current location after a court has issued an injunction against doing so.
      • No market abuse. With respect to trading in stocks, bonds, and securities, the transmission of non-public information is prohibited as are all comments that are designed to, or may, impact share price or make recommendations on investments.
      • No multiple memberships. Please do not create more than one membership or username. It is unfair to other users who only have one membership and abide by the posting and recommendation limit. If we find that you have more than one membership, we will combine them and we may ban you from the forum.
      • Do not abuse the complaints or post reporting system. The complaints system exists to enable visitors to alert the forum moderators about content which breaks the above rules. Please do not use the complaints system to alert us to personal issues, spelling mistakes, etc. Any individual abusing the complaints system repeatedly may have their account suspended.
    2. Disciplinary Procedure

      Violation of any of the rules above may lead to your membership account being permanently terminated. The Lucky Mojo Forum owners and operators additionally reserve the right to terminate any membership account, at any time for any reason at their sole discretion. If your account is terminated, returning to the site by creating another account will constitute a further offense and will result in your IP address being blocked permanently. The Lucky Mojo Forum owners and operators reserve the right to delete any posting, at any time, for any reason, and are under no obligation to publish any work submitted. #