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FAQ for MISC Candle Ministry - Altar Services at MISC

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FAQ for MISC Candle Ministry - Altar Services at MISC

Unread post by Miss Phoenix » Thu Aug 29, 2013 12:46 pm

Anything and everything you wanted to know about Missionary Independent Spiritual Chur's Candle Ministry Altar Services can be found right here on this FAQ page. Of course, if you have a question that isn't here, please check the MISC candle services web page:

Candle Ministry (dot) Com

or give us a call and we will be happy to help!

707-887-7808, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

Note that we do not take candle orders at this phone number. It is also the number used by our readers, so if we cannot come to the phone because we are giving readings or tending to candles, please be kind enough to call back later.

FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions about MISC Candle Services

Will you let me know when my candle is lit?
No, you will not get confirmation when your candle is lit. Your confirmation is your order confirmation. The candle will generally be dressed, fixed, and lit on the day after you order it, as the orders are processed from our online shopping cart in batches, and each batch goes to the lab or to the church at the end of the day, ready for work the next day. Over a holiday weekend it may take 2-3 days before your candle is lit. If you order a candle to be held back to be lit on a specific day (the change of the moon, a court date, an anniversary or birth date) we will prepare it and hold it until that date. Since the candle is not shipped, you will not receive a shipping / tracking / customs number by way of confirmation -- your payment is your confirmation. When the candle is finished, we will perform a divination on the results and this will be sent to you in email as a "candle report."

How long will it take to get my candle report?
This depends on several factors. Remember, we light your candles within 1 to 3 days of you placing your order. They are 5 - 7 day vigil candles, so they burn an average of 6 days. Sometimes they take longer, and if they need to be re-lit this will extend the burning time. Once they are finished burning it will be another 2 to 3 days before your candle is read. If you have been waiting longer than two weeks feel free to call the Candle Ministry and check in.

Can I choose my candle setter?
Yes, of course. There are several deacons who function as candle setters at the church, but we don't all work every day, so keep in mind that requesting a specific candle setter may delay your candles getting lit. However, if you like working with a specific candle setter, just ask; we are all available to set your candles if requested.

Can you tell me more about my candle report?
If you have questions about the specific meanings connected to your report we are happy to answer clarifying questions, but anything beyond the basic candle report would require a more in-depth reading. These private candle readings can be scheduled with Rev. Ernest for a small fee.

Can you read my candle for me over the phone?
Yes we can, although this is not a part of the regular candle service and it would require you to pay $15.00 for a ten minute candle reading by Rev. Ernest. Call the church to arrange this when you order, or make a note of it at the end of your petition (for example, "Hold for Rev. Ernest"). Keep in mind that a candle can only provide so much information; if you want or need more you can call the church for a longer reading with one of our readers.

Can I pick the day for my candle to be lit?
Yes, as long as it is more than one day after the day of your order. Many people wish lights to be set on special days such as holidays, court dates, or anniversaries, or on a regular basis, such as the first day of every month. If you need a candle to be set and burning at the moment that any important event begins, please take time zone differences into account. We are on the West Coast of the United States, so if you have a court date or job interview at 9:00 AM in New York's Eastern Time Zone, we will not be able to light your candle in time for you on the date you requested, as it will be 6:00 AM here in California. Therefore, please request that the candle be lit at least one day before your important event, so that it will be burning well at the time of the event.

Will you tell me how my candle is burning if I call and check in on it?
No, due to the number of candles that we burn here at MISC we are unable to give you updates on how your candle is burning. Plus, the glass will change as the candle burns.

Will you write my petition for me?
No, we will need you to write out your petition and include it with your order. We will attempt to contact you if your order is missing a petition, but orders that come through without a petition will be burned with a blessing for your desires to come to pass. On your petition we will need to know your name, the name of the person for whom the candle is being set, and your request for the candle. Birth dates and photos can help, but they are not necessary.

Can I send pictures with my order to be placed on the candle?
Yes, please send any photos that you would like used to photos@missionaryindependent.com -- and send them on the day that you order, not the next day, please.

Do I have to send pictures with my order?
No, you do not have to send pictures, but your petition should at least include names of people, and any other information you have, such as birth dates. Pictures do make the work more easy for your candle-setter to focus on. We creatively cut and craft the pictures, too, depending on the situation.

Will you tell me which candle to light?
We can offer you brief help with choosing the right candle here at the forum, but more in-depth or specific information would need a reading in order to determine your best course of action. This forum is a good place to ask for suggestions. Ultimately, you have to determine which candle you think it best.

Can I have more than one candle lit?
We will light as many candles as you request. We can also set your candles in "a run", which means that we will automatically start the second candle one week after the first candle. We offer runs of three, seven, and thirteen candles at a discount. A run of thirteen candles will burn for one-fourth of a year. If you want a run of candles set, please note this on your order.

Can I leave a tip for my candle setter?
Yes. Our candle servers are happy to accepts tips. You can add this to your order. Tips are split between all of the workers, including the invoice writer, the candle deacons who prepre and tend the candle during the time of its run, and the reader who interprets how it burned. There is a special tip button with a pull-down menu and you can select the amount you wish to tip.

Can I leave a donation for the church?
Yes. There is a donate button on the church website, if you would like to make a donation to our ongoing work of setting free lights for those in need.
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Re: FAQ for MISC Candle Ministry - Altar Services at MISC

Unread post by Miss Aida » Mon Apr 25, 2016 7:17 pm

More Frequently Asked Questions about MISC candle services:

How can I order candle services at Missionary Independent Spiritual Church?

Order candles here with Paypal and upload your petitions at the same time:


How can I send photos for my candles at Missionary Independent Spiritual Church?

If you wish photos attached to your candles, email photos here:


How can I contact a candle server at Missionary Independent Spiritual Church?

If you wish to communicate with a candle-server about your service, email the deacons here:


For all other church communications, email pastors here:


Telephone for direct information:


Click here for Candle Ministry Services at Missionary Independent Spiritual Church


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Re: FAQ for MISC Candle Ministry - Altar Services at MISC

Unread post by catherineyronwode » Fri Dec 06, 2019 11:51 am

More Frequently Asked Questions about MISC:

Can I put more than one name or more than one condition request on a candle?

You certainly can put several names on one petition to protect them, but you will have to
accept that the results of our divination on the candle glass may be unclear. Let me
explain why:

Let's say you want to protect Tom, Dick, and Harry from "any and all enemies who may
spiritually or physically harm them."

If the candle glass is clear, you will know that all three are protected, both spiritually
and physically -- which is great.

If the candle glass is hazy, smoky, or smudged, you will know that one, two, or all three
are not fully protected -- but which one? -- and does this mean that, for instance, Tom is
not protected from spiritual harm, but Dick is protected from spiritual harm, and Harry is
protected from physical harm? You would need a further reading -- by pendulum, cards,
bones, or some other divination system -- to get to the bottom of it.

If the candle glass is filled with black soot, you will know that one, two, or all three
are not only not well protected, but that they are under active, current, hostile
spiritual attack -- or one of them is going to have a physical accident or disease or is
already experiencing a disease. There is no way on earth to sort this out by a single
candle reading. Again, you would need a further reading -- by pendulum, cards, bones, or
some other divination system -- to get to the bottom of it.

So, if you are willing to accept a possibly ambiguous candle glass reading, you may
certainly put three names and two types of protection on one candle. Many of our clients
do so. But experienced clients opt for one person per candle, even if they put two forms
of protection on the candle.

Here are a couple of options for simplifying the divination that our clients use:

Some people put many names on one candle but only one form of work -- one form of
protection work, in this case -- and they figure that they can do a divination later if
the glass shows problems, to determine which person on their list has the problem.

Some people put two forms of protection (or several forms) on one person per candle, and
figure that if the glass comes up sooty or smudged, they can divine which form of
protection is failing.

They may do this to save money (always a good idea) and because they have some knowledge
or psychic intuition that if any problems do show in the candles, they "already know" who
is most at risk and what threats may be in play, physically and spiritually. In other
words, the candle is being set to do its work, and if it confirms their suspicions, they
may (or may not) need to do a further reading.

I will give you an example of this:

Let's go mback to Tom, Dick, and Harry. Let's say we only do a physical protection on
them, and not a protection against spiritual attack. Let's say further that when the
candle is finished burning, there is a long streak of black soot right up the front of the
glass. The front of the candle means "things we already know about." And let's say that we
know that of the three boys, Dick, is a heroin addict. Well, it would stand to reason that
if i interpreted the candle to read, "One of the boys is not physically protected, and you
already know which one it is," then the client, knowing the situation, would intuitively
understand that it is Dick who is not fully physically protected. The client could then
come back for a Cast Off Evil candle for Dick to break his addiction -- which is quite
different than a Protection candle.

We work with our clients all the time, and as it turns out, many of our clients are quite
gifted readers ad diviners themselves. In many cases, they use our services because their
living conditions do mot permit candle burning, or because they want another trusted set
of eyes to see and interpret the candle glass signs for them.

How many words can I fit onto my MISC candle petition?

Our petitions allow for 200 characters and a concise petition can be made in that length.

Here's a sample:

May Raymond Jonathan Nordlington (08/07/87) always love me, Juliet Anne
Pierson (04/05/89), and may we marry and have two sweet children and a home of our own. In
the name of God the Most High, Amen.

That is only 199 characters.

And here is a hint for successful petition-writing in a concise space or on a small piece
of paper:

Go online and find an interactive Word Counter Tool. There are many of
them, so just choose one that allows you to count characters as well as words, and set it
for character-count. Write and edit within the text box provided by the app, until you get
exactly what you want, and what will fit.

You can do it!
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